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  • Brandon West

10 Movies Turning 10 in 2020

As the end of the decade nears, it's time to reflection those films that won our hearts, or made us cringe, just 10 years ago. Here's 10 movies turning 10 years old in 2020:

easy a

Easy A

The hit teen comedy that brought us Emma Stone, one of the biggest breakout actresses of the decade, and gave us one our last peeks at Amanda Bynes on the big screen.

black swan movie

The Black Swan

Both Natalie Portman and the movie itself garnered critical acclaim from this hit film, even landing Portman an Oscar win and a husband!

despicable me

Despicable Me

Can anyone remember a time without minions? Me neither.

kings speech

The King's Speech

Although not everyone's favorite or the most exciting film of the decade, it won big during award season, even taking home the Oscar for Best Picture.

social network movie

The Social Network

The highly-anticipated movie about the rise of Facebook. This movie was one that helped define the decade.



A twist on 'Rapunzel' was the 50th feature film for Walt Disney Animation and its first princess movie to shift from the traditional 2D animation. Now one of the most popular Disney princess films, it turns next year.

Hot Tub Time Machine

The goofy comedy and cult-classic that launched countless jokes cemented in pop culture history is turning double digits this coming year.

tooth fairy movie

Tooth Fairy

Dwayne Johnson & Julie Andrews in a kids' movie about the tooth fairy? Yep, it's as cheesy as it sounds, but it also stole our hearts!

Toy Story 3

The animated franchise that captured the hearts of 90's kids released a third movie in 2010 to a lot of skepticism. However, the film did incredibly well grossing $415 Million at the box office.

dear john

Dear John

The movie that helped launch Channing Tatum out of his teen movie role from 'Step Up' and gave us Amanda Seyfried's next big hit after 'Momma Mia' charmed girls around the world.

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