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  • Brandon West

Eddie Van Halen Secretly Undergoing Throat Cancer Treatment

Acclaimed lead guitarist of the ultra-popular band Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen, is reportedly undergoing throat cancer treatment in Germany, according to TMZ.

Although being a heavy smoker and battling tongue cancer nearly 20 years ago, he blames his throat cancer on his guitar picks, which he would hold in his mouth often while performing. Back in 2000, he even had part of his tongue removed due to cancer.

TMZ reports that the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Famer has been suffering from throat cancer and secretly receiving radiation treatment in Germany for it secretly the last five years!

Although the treatment is reportedly working, Van Halen has been so secretive about his health issues that even fellow bandmate and lead singer, David Lee Roth, doesn't even know any details as he told a reporter, "I hear all of the same rumors you do and it's not my place to guess."

We're wishing Eddie Van Halen a full recovery and healthy life moving forward!

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