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  • Brandon West

Celebs React to El Paso Shooting

Another mass shooting has occurred. This time, in El Paso, TX at a Walmart. Some news outlets are reporting that as many as 18 people have been shot, with multiple fatalities. One person is in custody.

Celebrities and politicians are reacting to the tragic news.

Beto O'Rourke, an El Paso native, gave his comments: “I’m incredibly saddened and it’s very hard to think about this. But I tell you El Paso is the strongest place in the world, this community is going to come together. I’m going back there right now to be with my family and to be with my hometown."

Julianne Moore tweeted her thoughts, calling our epidemic a "public health crisis."

Breaking Bad star, Aaron Paul, cries out for people to "JUST LOVE ONE ANOTHER."

Actress Anna Woods had some very strong words of hate towards the NRA...

Candace Owens praises law enforcement for their bravery.

Piers Morgan scorns the suspect (and rightfully so!).

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and all affected by this horrific situation.

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