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  • Brandon West

Maren Morris: Top 10 Songs

Maren Morris took the country music industry by storm when she released her debut single "My Church" back in 2016. Since then, the Grammy-award winning artist has gone on to release two full-length albums and has even dabbled in pop and dance music in collaborations with both Zedd and Niall Horan. With a catalog of incredible music, we decided to count down her top 10 best songs!*

*This list includes songs where Morris is the lead artist.

This light-hearted track is one of the most popular non-singles on her 2019 album, GIRL. In this song, she explains no matter what your mood or what you're going through, there's a song for it!

This song is perfect for your summer roadtrip. As the second single off her debut album, the belt-heavy chorus will have you singing along with the top down and RayBans on! Oh, and don't forget about the electrifying music video below.

8. Rich

Her final single off her debut album, there's both parts humor and truth to it. The perfect single to end this era. If I had a dollar for every time I listened to this song, I'd be rich!

The truth in this song from her debut album is applauded. A more indie blues sound than other songs on this record, she admits she isn't ready for love with said guy, but she wishes she was. She is admittedly the bad person in the relationship. We've all been there, haven't we?

Although not the most popular, this stand-alone single is one of her most powerful. As a response to all of the hate going on in the world and the Las Vegas shooting, Morris teamed up with country music veteran Vince Gill for this powerful collab. Both artists even choked up in an emotional performance of the Grammy-nominated song which you can watch below. This song makes you believe love will conquer all.

maren morris dear hate

The lead single from her sophomore title of the same name, "GIRL," is anthem full of empowerment! With her newfound confidence following the incredible success of her Zedd collab "The Middle," this rockin' single has a sound like you've never heard before. The rock rhythm with bass beats, paired with her soulful vocals make for the perfect lead single.

The song that started it all. This is the anthem for seeking spirituality through music, which many of us do whether or not we know it. Nothing recharges your soul like riding in the car jammin' to the radio full blast. Right away, country music listeners felt her powerful and passionate yet relatable lyrics and vocals, making her one of the biggest stars in music today. Not to mention, it was paired with a simple yet powerful music video that has garnered over 50 million views on YouTube!

My personal favorite for a period of time, the third single from her debut album is one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking in her discography. It's clear why this is her most popular solo song thus far and gave her her first No. 1 on Country Airplay chart. She admits her love life has not gone well so far, but she wants a reason to hold on to the idea of real love being out there. Damn, that's deep (and relatable!).

In contrast to "I Could Use a Love Song," her most streamed song from her 2nd album, she admits as long as there is a strong foundation in a relationship, nothing can ruin it. The strong message paired with her soulful vocals and catchy pop-country music make for a hit!

1. Once

If you haven't heard this song, please stop reading this and go listen immediately (warning: tissues needed)! It's a wonder why with this song, she didn't win an award for best vocals of all time. The most raw and heartbreaking song in her discography, it shows her vocal range and true artist potential. This song will leave you in awe and if you have ever experienced heartbreak, you can easily feel the gut-wrenching hurt through her incredibly passionate vocals.

What's next for the country superstar? She isn't expecting to release only country music, but one thing's for sure, whatever she does release will be impeccable!

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