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  • Brandon West

Haley Reinhart Bares Her "Lo-Fi Soul" In Latest Album

Indie singer-songwriter & American Idol alum Haley Reinhart just released her 4th studio album, "Lo-Fi Soul" on Wednesday, March 27 to critical acclaim!

haley reinhart lo-fi soul

Amazingly, she co-wrote and co-produced every track on this soulful rock album under newly-developed "Reinhart Records." This 13-track album of original songs will take you through a roller coaster of emotions in the best way possible. See a review of each track below:

1. Deep Water

WOW! This is the perfect opening for this album. From the haunting melodies in the intro to the belting of the chorus this song will leave you completely satisfied yet also have you wanting more. Everyone will relate to the message in this song and the beat is light enough that you can listen to it any time!

Favorite Lyric: "What you dreamin' about, Just wanna smack myself, What kinda make believe, Am I livin' in"

2. Oh Damn

You haven't heard a song like this since Aretha Franklin or Etta James, trust me! The delicate runs are filled with so much soul it will lift you up to the heavens.

Favorite Lyric: "Now if I find you in this lifetime, It better be the right time, Maybe I'm tryin' and tryin', I'm tryin' too hard, Should I just close my eyes and pray"

3. Lo-Fi Soul

The title-track is everything you want from a Haley Reinhart single - soulful, catchy, and a beat that'll transport you decades back in time. She even filmed her own vintage-looking music video for it!

Favorite Lyric: "Ooh our new love, it feels so old. Don't worry baby it's a good thing I know that you know"

4. Don't Know How to Love You

You won't be disappointed by this soulful rock slow-jam! As the lead single, the stellar black and white music video has gotten almost 600,000 views. The song builds as it goes on and there is a serious Kesha "Praying" moment at 3:35 that will leave you speechless.

Favorite Lyric: "In the mornin', I reach for your embrace, 'Cause I know that you need mine."

5. Strange World

Okay, for those Haliens that have been around since the Listen Up era, this will give you a serious case of nostalgia. It reminiscent of "Let's Run Away," one of four tracks on the deluxe version of her first album, with a hint of her summer single "Last Kiss Goodbye".

Favorite Lyric: "If I'm by your side, it turns dark to light"

6. Shook

A darker (but still pleasing) sound for Reinhart, this is the song you didn't know you needed in your lift. The guitar, beat of the drum, and her rockin' voice make this one of the best on the album. Both Reinhart and her manager have been teasing a music video for this, and we're hoping we get it soon!

Favorite Lyric: "I like you, and it's got me SHOOK"

7. Crack the Code

This soulful song is easy enough to have on while doing work yet powerful enough to blast in your car if you'd like. The last minute of this will have you wanting to sing along!

Favorite Lyric: "Should we throw it all awayOr pick up the pieces we once madeShould we say goodbye todayOr save each other from the pain"

8. Lay It Down

The first ballad in the album, it is very reminiscent of The Beatles / Paul McCartney to me. From the instrumentals, to the delicate and subtle high notes, to the heart-breaking lyrics, you will feel every bit of emotion Reinhart felt when writing and singing this song.

Favorite Lyrics: "Was there something I could do, Did I ask too much from you"

"The bed you made has no room for me, Underneath your frozen sheets I would sleep so terribly"

9. Honey, There's The Door

The third single from Lo-Fi Soul, it has gained a lot of attention from music platforms such as iHeart Radio and music/entertainment blogs for its "Thank U, Next"-like message. If you don't like this empowering and dreamy song, well Honey, There's the Door!

Favorite Lyric: "I don't want normal 'cause that's been done. I need that up and about, That classic Casanova kinda stuff"

10. Broken Record

A favorite among her core fanbase, this fun 50's retro track will have you vibin' along (and might even get stuck in your head all day!).

Favorite Lyric: "Whether or not I'm by your side Just know we're on each other's minds, Oh the bliss you'll find If we stay aligned"

11. Some Way Some How

Holy Ballad! This is my personal favorite on the album and rivals her hit "Undone" from her first album. Reinhart gives so much raw emotion in this song you can't help but feel it in your heart & soul. A MUST listen! The chorus (below) is heartbreak everyone can relate to!

Favorite Lyric: "We can change, I have changed, I'll show you now. We can save us some way some how."

haley reinhart lo-fi soul

12. How Dare You

Haley's fan were excited for a studio version of the song after she debuted it live at a show last year. No surprise, fans were thrilled to hear how amazing it sounded!

Favorite Lyric: "Everything I thought I knew, Watched it all go down the drain, Too soon, too soon. All the things you said were true, Weren't true, how dare you"

13. Baby Doll

Although this song has one of the lowest Spotify streaming numbers on the album, many of her most devoted fans are in love with it! It is very dreamy and sexy song perfect for a jam session with your significant other!

Favorite Lyric: "Will you love me all alone. I want you for my own. I'll give you whatever"

For more news about her music, merch and upcoming tour, visit!

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