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  • Isaiah Joshua Lawrence

Noah Centineo's Celebrity Crush!

Noah Centineo, the “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” actor told Entertainment Tonight about his interest in getting to know Selena Gomez. He mentioned that although he’s never met Selena, he would “love to have a conversation with her.”

We all are interested in having a heartfelt conversation with pop star Selena Gomez, but rest assured, Noah has the connections to make his dream possible. When asked if he would go on a date with Selena, Centineo revealed that he “wouldn’t say no.”

Noah theorized on how the date would go, adding, “We could do some yoga, go on a hike to the Wisdom Tree. You know, maybe go overseas, do something.”

Noah also recently told Seventeen that, “Selena seems like one of the coolest people ever. And she’s an activist, as well. And clearly she loves love and is a loving person.”

Centineo shared his secret formula to a good relationship: “My concept of a perfect date really is just as long as conversation is fun, and you can be yourselves and feel comfortable around each other.”

(Source: People)

An insider shared that while Selena is open to dating, she is currently working on herself. This could be the moment that Noah has been waiting for, but Selena has not yet responded to his overly-amiable interest.

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