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  • Kaitlin Popow

MC Rich: Bringing Back Music Positivity

MC Rich, better known as the Master of Creation is making his way into U.S. music, all the way from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The beat-maker, singer and rapper gave us an inside interview into his life and what fuels his creativity.

From an early age Rich had an urge to entertain people no matter where he was or what he was doing. He was determined to be successful, always practicing and composing with the goal of becoming who he is today.

He credits social media towards his success:

"I love the time I live in now. The internet makes it so much more easy to build your own community."

With a climbing 5,600 followers, he is surely building his community.

His goals for the future? To bring back positivity and creativity in today's pop music.

"I want to make something I'm really really proud of. Creativity and passion always comes first. The need to tell a story is indispensable. The story of my songs is sometimes funny, serious, sung or rapped. It depends on the feeling of the track."

His newest song, Down the Coast just hit music platforms! He said it is about his ever-growing urge he sometimes gets to just drive away from everyone and go cruising. It has a summer vibe, quickly to become a song of the summer!

Listen and download his new song here

MC Rich Instagram: @officialmcrich

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