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  • Kaitlin Popow

Abby Lee Miller is Released from Jail

Abby Lee Miller was officially released from the Federal Correctional Complex in Victorville, California and was transferred to a half-way house to serve the final two months of her sentence.

The Dance Moms star was originally sentenced to a year and one day in prison and began her sentence on July 12, 2017. With her sentence being shortened due to good behavior, Miller was released today and transferred to a half-way house where she will serve her final two months. As of today, Miller will be able to leave the half-way house on May 25, 2018.

During Miller's time in jail she took many classes, passing her real estate class and received a personal finance class diploma. In her year away she also continued her weight loss journey and lost over 100 pounds.

Before entering prison, Miller told ET that serving time would actually be an opportunity for her to focus solely on herself.

"I've always put everybody else's child first before my own health, before my own outfit, before my own time frame," she explained. "Everybody else was dressed and out the door and looking perfect and I was running around trying to find a clean towel to take a shower with, so I think this will be a little 'me' time."

Stay tuned as to where the reality star heads from here, we are sure she will have a lot to say!

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