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  • Brandon West

Movie Review: Jumanji 2

(Warning: May be some spoilers)

I know, I know, you don't want to go see the new Jumanji movie because you are worried it is horrible and will ruin the original. But trust me, it is worth the few bucks and a family trip to the movies; this movie is HILARIOUS!

I have to admit I am not a big fan (well tbh, it's more of a pretty strong dislike for...) of Kevin Hart or Jack Black, but they both make the movie what it is.

It does not connect well enough to the original to 'ruin' it, even if you don't like the remake. It is modernized to be a video game instead of a board game - an interesting twist! As a result of this, the four high school Jumanji players: a big football player, a nerdy girl, the "it" girl of the school, and the main character, a nerdy boy, enter the game as characters they choose. So what makes this movie so funny?


  • the nerdy boy becomes the tall, muscular Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson,

  • the jock becomes the stout Kevin Hart,

  • the nerdy girl becomes the curvy Karen Gillan (a new breakout star!),

  • and the "it" girl becomes...Jack Black!

The dynamic of the students in a different body leaves the audience laughing endlessly as Jack Black acts as a teenage girl and the jock learns to deal with being...uhh...smaller. Throughout, they learn to deal with their strengths & weaknesses the game has given them (hint: one character's weakness is cake!) to achieve the goal to end the game. But, they only have 3 lives! If they run out of lives, they die in the game. We won't say anything else to spoil it, but with wild animals and a villain, you are kept on the edge of your seat!

Oh, and ladies, did we mention Nick Jonas makes an appearance?

We give this LOL movie 4/5 stars! It is incredibly funny without trying too hard with an all-star cast and a new breakout female star! Some PG-13 language might be unsuitable for younger kids, but it is still family-friendly.

Check it out! The picture below is Karen Gillan with her 2 body/stunt doubles!

All pictures are from MovieWeb.

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