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  • Kaitlin Popow

The 2018 Golden Globes: Our Favorite Moments

The 2018 Golden Globes were both traditional yet groundbreaking. Actors and actresses came together to rally around the unofficial award show theme, wearing black to support gender equality and the #MeToo movement. Stars strutted across the red carpet dressed in black, unified, supporting one another after a controversial year in Hollywood. Below, we outlined our favorite moments from groundbreaking style choices to our favorite LOL moments.

1. Catt Sadler's endless support during the E! News Red Carpet

Stars rallied around Catt Sadler when she announced her leave from E! News after learning about the large pay gap she was facing amongst co-anchor, Jason Kennedy. The support was brought to the E! News Red Carpet first by actress, Debra Messing, who voiced her displeasure with E!... while being interviewed by E! (We were so here for this!). Eva Longoria stood in agreement with Messing by adding during her interview, "Times up. We support gender equity, equal pay; we hope that E! follows the the lead with Catt as well. We stand with you, Catt." Other prominent actresses also took to twitter to show their support for Catt.

2. Oprah's Jaw-Dropping Speech during the Award Show.

Oprah's speech left the audience both near and far simply speechless. The American Figure took to the stage to show her support for not only women in Hollywood but African Americans and America, in general. It was her moment to speak and make a change, and she did just that. #Oprah2020

3. Our Favorite movie couple reunites!

Since the Fault in Our Stars debuted, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort's respective careers have skyrocketed. The dynamic duo broke the charts with their heart breaking movie about love and life and, since then, both built their careers up individually. Our hearts are so happy they reunited at the Globes.

4. Kendall Jenner doing what she does best: Slaying.

It is 2018 and this Kardashian/Jenner just keeps getting better. I would love to know what is in the Kardashian water because Kendall cannot do wrong in the world of fashion! Her look was a complete hit, again! What really stole the show, how she handled her "adult acne." The day following the show, anti-Kardashian trolls took to Jenner's twitter to "acne shame" her. Being perfect Kendall, she simply responded, "Its normal, Okay!" Way to own it, girl.

5. Kelly Clarkson...We love you for all that you are.

Kelly Clarkson slayed the 2018 Golden Globes. From her hair to her perfect dress, she owned the carpet. However, our favorite moment of the night? When Clarkson fangirled over Meryl Streep during her interview! #SameGirl

6. Mariah Carey...

Honestly, Mariah Carey is forever an icon. She stunned everyone on the red carpet looking better than ever, showing everyone (including us) that she will never truly be irrelevant.


Girl?! I think we are so used to seeing her in the bedroom with her Fifty Shades hunky co-star that we completely forgot that she can ROCK a red carpet. We cannot wait to see more of her (and the final Fifty Shades movie.)

8. Personal Fangirl Moment

Nick Jonas, you will never do any wrong in my book. Here's to you, looking exceptional. That is all.

Until next year, Golden Globes!

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