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Selena Gomez's 10 Best Songs!

Another day, another listicle! With two #1 solo albums, a chart-topping compilation album, high-profile relationships, box office hits, and 6 top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, its no question why Selena Gomez is one of this biggest stars on the planet at only 25 years old! With two full length solo albums out and three albums out with her band Selena Gomez & The Scene, we have got to count down her best hits!

*Disclaimer: this does not include songs from 2017*

10. Slow Down

This fun, upbeat single from her debut solo album was certified platinum and hit #27 on the Billboard Hot 100!

9. Perfect

An added song the Deluxe Edition of her platinum album Revival, Gomez pours her heart out into this questioning her man cheating on a better woman. One can only assume this about Justin Bieber and the many reports of him cheating on her. Her soft-spoken voice and mellow tones push this song into the top 10!

8. Love You Like a Love Song

A mesmerizing song from her band Selena Gomez & The Scene, with lyrics that get stuck in your head for hours, and a karaoke-themed music video. This is her first big-budget music video and her first song and video that show more of a "sexy side" of the singer. This song also went on to be 4x platinum! At number 8, this is the only song from her non-solo career that makes our list!

7. Come & Get It

Come & Get It will always have a special place in #Selenator's hearts, as it was her first lead single as a solo artist and shot her into super stardom. This catchy pop song with it's mesmorizing lyrics, "tribal" beat, and carefully-crafted choreography drove this song to #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 while going 3x platinum. A real fan will always remember the iconic and fiery debut live performance at the MTV Movie Awards.

6. Sober

One of her most underrated songs, Sober shows off Gomez's incredible vocal range, tone, and vulnerability! The Twitter & Youtube universe know this song mostly from the flawless live version of the song from her concerts that went viral. The live performance definitely helped push this song to #6 on our list!

5. Good for You

As her most awarded song across all countries, reaching 3x platinum and #5 on the charts in the U.S., of course it's in our top 5! It was a rare day when you did not hear this different side of Gomez on the radio. Hints of pop, electro-r&b, and hip-hop (thanks to A$AP Rocky) make this confidently sexy song such a hit!

4. Kill Em With Kindness

Even though this song only hit #39 on the charts, it was extremely popular amongst fans. The fourth and final single from her Revival album, features somewhat "cheesy" lyrics but it is done so artistically with the rhythmic-pop tones and whistles no one even cares! "Kill em...Kill em with kindness." Although not her best song, the up-tempo song make it a fun song to jam out to at any time and good to listen to in any mood!

3. The Heart Wants What It Wants

Reaching #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, this song is the first post-Jelena break up (we are hoping their recent reunion pics mean they are working on being a couple again...or at least friends!). Selena's honest and vulnerable lyrics make you feel all kinds of emotions and make it so relatable to anyone who has misses a significant other. Not to mention, her INCREDIBLE live performance of this song in which it starts off with a choked-up Selena's confessions, a man's shadow appeared behind her while singing (obviously representing Bieber), and very emotional ending; it is definitely her most remembered live performance. You can't help but get emotional watching. Check out the clip below from the 2014 AMAs. Chills!!

2. Hands to Myself

Now solidified in pop culture history forever is the line "I mean I could but why would I want to!?" This top 10 hit went platinum and helped gain Gomez global super stardom (as if she wasn't a superstar already)! A magically-catchy pop song is sometimes the best song... (well, in this case it is our #2 but you know what we mean!)

1. Same Old Love

This song is absolute genius. In our opinion, it has helped keep real pop music alive (a-la Britney, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson) and it's clear that the world agrees, as it has gone 2x platinum and reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100! It is basically impossible to get tired of hearing this song...queue the piano!

Honorable mention:

- Nobody Does It Like You

- Round & Round

- Who Says

- Birthday

- Me & The Rhythm

Well, that's all for now pop culture lovers! Be sure to follow us on twitter and Instagram at @kbpopculture to stay up to date on the latest!

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