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Iconic Pop Culture Moments of the 80's!

Let's be real, everyone's favorite decade is the 1980's! The 80's is really the start of modern pop culture and music, and it's outputs have influenced so many musicians, actors, and fashion moments of today. Here are some of the most iconic pop culture moments from this decade:

The Royal Wedding - July 29, 1981

(Source: People)

Prince Charles & Princess Diana's wedding is easily one of THE most iconic moments in pop culture of all time. Princess Diana was everyone's favorite royal, and it showed as an estimated 750 million people all over the world watched their wedding on TV.

Madonna - 1980's


Madonna is THE pop culture icon; she basically invented modern pop music (with some help from Prince and a few others, of course). Madonna was the sound and style icon of the 80's. Enough said!

MTV - 1981

The birth of one of the biggest music brands. Fun Fact: The first music video to was "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles; seems fitting.

Jane Fonda - 1982

Jane Fonda is an 80's icon with her large portfolio of workout videos; 23 to be exact. Her first VHS (bet ya haven't heard that in a while) workout sold over a million copies! Did I mention the leg warmers?

(Source: The Cut)

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' - 1982

With one of the most iconic pop music albums of all time, the 80's was one of Michael's best eras (if not the best). Not only did he release the iconic song and music video for 'Thriller,' but he also had some other mega hits such as: Wanna Be Starting Something, Beat It, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Man in the Mirror, and P.Y.T.

The Breakfast Club - 1985

(Source: Yahoo)

This is arguably one of the greatest movies of all time. It is still referenced in so many ways today throughout pop culture. And, honestly, John Hughes himself is an 80's icon, directing The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off to name a few; Basically every relevant 80's movie. The Breakfast Club is pop culture! *throws fist in the air*

Baywatch - 1989

David Hasselhoff & Pam Anderson. Do I really need to provide anymore explanation than that?

Risky Business - 1983

The theme of college parties everywhere: Risky Business. The iconic scene with Tom Cruise dancing in a button down, underwear, and socks is constantly recreated and Cruise is still so often asked about it. Thanks for the party theme, Tom!

Big Hair! - 1980's

(Source: Pinterest)

Did you really think I was going to talk about iconic pop culture moments without mentioning the biggest (LOL) hair trend of the 80's? This trend had no mercy, influencing both men and women. And, if you lived in the South, you might know it as "Big Hurr!" The bigger the better, right? I have a feeling the hairspray industry loved this trend!

Honorable Mention:

1. Prince

2. Moscow Olympics

3. PacMan

4. Deaths of John Lennon, Bob Marley, and John Belushi

5. Rubik's Cube

6. Cabbage Patch Kids

8. Nintendo Game Boy

9. Saved By The Bell

Okay, I'm sure I missed quite a few, but these are definitely the biggest stand-outs! Let us know if we missed one of your favorite iconic pop culture moments & be sure to share with all of your 80's-loving peeps!

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