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The 'HORUS' App: Solving Your Scheduling Issues (Coming Soon)

If you're like me, one of your goals for the new decade is to get organized! 2020 is here, and the HORUS app is about to save your life.

What if you could think of time in a simpler way -- wrapped like a scroll and stuffed in your pocket? Well, the HORUS app can do just that! Deemed a social scheduling app by Founder & CEO, Liam Rose, HORUS is sure to get your life scheduled and on track. It serves not only as a reminder for appointments, but also archives daily schedules, and allows users to share appointments with others to make planning meetings, events, and get-togethers simple.

We recently sat down with Liam to get the full story on the upcoming app and its release date.


What is HORUS? What does it stand for?

"HORUS is the name of our "social schedule," which stands for Health, Occupation, Responsibility, Unique, and Social. These are the five event categories, so anything you might do in a given day can fit into one of these. This acronym not only helps people quickly learn and remember the universal categories, but it also represents what we stand for as a mission-driven company. We want people to think about their whole lives, not just how their boss sees them, not just how their team members see them, not just how their family members see them, but as a unique person with a unique schedule and unique aspirations."

Who is HORUS for?

"HORUS will be for everyone, BUT right now we are focusing on how we can best serve the needs of people ages 18-28; basically, people who are figuring out their lives and managing the transition away from home or college and into their first workplace and independence. People who already work in traditional office environments are able to use Google Calendar and Outlook to schedule work, even though they're not exactly thrilled about using them. For those of us who aren't in that first 9-5 yet, scheduling is a tangled mess, particularly when trying to make social plans. Speaking from my own experience, I'm at a time in my life when some of my friends work Monday-Friday in white collar professions, some work Thursday-Sunday in the entertainment industry, and the freelancers/entrepreneurs like myself could just as easily be working at 2 AM as at 2 PM. As hard as it is to find time with all of these different friends, maintaining these relationships is non-negotiable for me, so I wanted to make a tool that will allow all of us to spend more time together while still taking care of our personal and professional obligations."

When can people download the app?

"We begin the Beta testing round in March and plan to release HORUS for iOS and Android in May.

What sets it apart from a basic Gmail/Outlook/iPhone calendar? Why do people need it?

"If you are a robot, those tools are perfect for you and HORUS has little to offer. If you’re a complex person with emotions, goals, and meaningful relationships to maintain, then HORUS is most likely the better choice for you.

When you hear how people use other scheduling or calendar tools, it’s stress-inducing. People say things like, “I use Google Calendar to prove that I’m right when I get into an argument with my spouse” and “I have to schedule fake meetings on Outlook just so other people can’t ask me to come help them with their work when I need to do my own work.” Something has obviously gone wrong.

As for the “why do people need HORUS?” the answer is fairly simple, though not obvious. Not a single one of us is a one-sided person. You’re not just Bruce Wayne. You’re not just Batman. You’re both, and more. You need a trusted confidante like his butler, Alfred Pennyworth, who can help you to keep these identities in harmony without one spilling over into the other. I still have to make plans for the identity that likes to dive into the pool first thing in the morning, the identity that likes to work in a certain way on a certain schedule, and the identity that likes to have fun with friends and go to live-music performances. Once these identities can coexist without overlapping, I truly have a grip on my time."


A beta version of the app for iPhones is planned for March, and then released onto the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android in early May. Perfect to for your busy summer schedule so you can schedule time for fun with friends and family! Get an exclusive look below at the app designs!

Follow the parent company, Catalina Seven Ventures, on Instagram (@catalina7ventures)


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