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Ten Summer Vacation Spots - Picked by Your Favorite Celebrities!

1. Costa Rica

We’ve all been enviously watching the Kardashians take their luxurious family vacations for years. Their most recent vacation fell nothing short of luxury, packed with the usual Kardashian drama. But the beauty of the location makes it our top vacation destination.

2. Waikiki

The famous basketball couple and recent NBA champion Steph Curry and wife Ayesha recently spent some time soaking up the sun at the Hawaiian island of Waikiki. The crystal-clear waters and chance of a Curry sighting make this our number 2 vacation spot.

3. Cabo

Bachelor alum, JoJo Fletcher, recently took some time after her successful Bachelorette season to vacation in Cabo. The perfectly instagrammable views steal the number 3 spot.

4. Paris, France

The city of love! The perfect place for a blooming couple to spend some time in & that is exactly what new couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez did. The couple spent time exploring the city of love. So grab your special someone and go explore our 4th pick.

5. Greece

The Smith family currently took time out of their busy schedules to visit the great island of Greece. This 5th spot location provides endless opportunities for sight-seeing and learning, while providing the best relaxation opportunities. While in Greece you can certainly be as great as the Smith family and help with beach cleanup! #FamilyGoals

6. California

In most celebrity’s backyard, The La Quinta Resort provides the perfect amount of relaxation. That is why Lauren Bushnell, Bachelor alum who recent split from fiancé Ben Higgins, escaped to the retreat. Stealing the number 6 spot for its proximity to the heart of the celebrity atmosphere.

7. Sweden

Liam Payne recently escaped to Sweden, posting this picture and captioning it, “I love escaping to Sweden. A beautiful place with so many memories.” Sweden is one of the best places to learn about history. The city has been preserved so well overtime. The rich history and historic landmarks help Sweden steal the number 7 spot.

8. Japan

Who better than Britney Spears to remind us how beautiful Japan is! While on tour, she recently took time out of her busy schedule to hike in the beautiful mountains of Japan. So, hop on a plane, bring your hiking shoes, and visit our 8th spot.

9. Harry Potter World

I know some of you are Harry Potter obsessed just like Joe Jonas! So, let your inner child out and take a visit to Harry Potter World, our 9th pick. Be sure to take a picture in front of the film’s famous wand shop!

10. Africa

Leave it to the Beckham family to find the most unique of travel destinations. The famously-perfect family recently took a trip to Africa. The unique sights and wildlife earn this location the 10th spot on our list.


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