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Laughing Through It with Heidi Heaslet

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

With all that's going on in the world right now, everyone deserves a good laugh, and that's just what comedian Heidi Heaslet is providing!

Heidi is a comedian and actress, and is currently co-hosting "The Funny Dance Show" on E! Network with fellow comedian Justine Marino. (Catch the finale Wednesday, April 29 at 11PM!)

E!’s new show has your favorite comedians attempting to move their feet in a competition, featuring Judges Loni Love, Allison Holker, and Justin Martindale. The comedians compete for a chance to win $10,000 for a charity of their choice. The new series showcases what can happen when some of the funniest (and sometimes rhythmically challenged) comedians become dancing competitors. Comedians include Ron Fuches, Sherry Cola, Adam Ray, Fortune Feimster, Jackie Tohn, Esther Povitsky, Tony Cavalero to name a few. Regardless of whether they kill it on the dance floor, the end result is always a belly laugh of a story told through fancy footwork.

We cannot wait to see Heidi, Justine, and the rest of the cast for the finale Wednesday night! Not only is Heidi a co-host, but she is also a a creator and executive producer of the show. When chatting with the laugh out loud host, we learned what she really loves about the show, and how it all started.

"The thing that I love about this show it was actually created by myself and Justine Marino at The World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles in 2017 as a live show," Heaslet shares. "And we both have a passion for dance but we are not professionals," she laughs, "and so we wanted to get a dance battle going between comedians."

Photo: Matt Misisco

Why hasn't anyone had this idea before!?

Clearly, it was a huge hit, as they were selling out seats by just the third or fourth show. After a year of selling out shows, E! Network reached out to them about getting the show on the air, and added a charity donation aspect, which is always great to see.

"What I love is this show is female created, female hosted, and all in good fun! While we're not exactly Dancing With the Stars quality," Heidi admits, "we are laughing and dancing for a good cause."

And if you're thinking it's impossible for her to be taking on other projects with the success of this show, you'd be wrong! Not only does she work with the show, but she is also seen throughout comedy clubs and on the small screen in other TV shows. Her authentic and fresh voice has been seen throughout notable comedy venues, television, film and digital. Heidi has been an active personality and comedian on All Def Digital, and was a series regular on Direct TV’s short-form series #Millennials, and recently appeared in the feature film “Big Bear” on Netflix. You can also hear her voice on the opening track of Chris Rock’s Emmy nominated vinyl album “Tamborine”. 

Although a second season is unknown due to COVID-19, we have high hopes for this hilarious show and are convinced it will be renewed! Heidi revealed she has many projects in the works, and we can't wait to see what's next.

Photo: Matt Misisco

Heidi is a must-follow on Instagram with her behind-the-scenes content and hilarious videos! Click here to check out her IG.

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