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Kelly Clarkson Shows Us Piece by Piece Why She Isn't Going Anywhere!

The original American Idol and 2000's angsty-pop princess, Kelly Clarkson, isn't slowing down! Her career includes:

  • 7 albums,

  • 1 greatest hits album,

  • 3 #1 singles,

  • 11 Top 10 singles,

  • and 27 Billboard 100 hits!

Fresh off of her #1 album, Piece by Piece, released just last year (made popular by her hit 'Heartbeat Song' and her viral, emotional American Idol performance of the title track), Kelly has released a string of singles in the past two months, helping to solidify herself in the group of pop music greats. Check out her songs below:

Meaning of Life

Clarkson's newest single, released just this week, may not be a #1 hit, but it is still a great song and helps contribute to her up-coming album which seems to be a great mix of 2000's pop and today's pop. Kelly's vocals definitely shine in this single!

Love So Soft

I am so confused as to why this is not a Top 20 hit! Released as a pair of singles (seemingly the new trend, a-la-Camilla Cabello) with 'Move You,' 'Love So Soft' is the perfect pop song with a balanced blend of her 2000's sound with some recent pop music influence. The chorus is more reminiscent of today's pop tunes while the rest of the song is a total 2000's throwback! Come on people - help it get higher on the charts!! (For those of you who are curious, 'Love So Soft' peaked at #62 less than a month ago) Her music video for this single was also just released, as well as two remixes!

Move You

Wow. If anyone ever says Kelly Clarkson has no vocal ability, please smack them & make them listen to this song! This is the perfect pop ballad: high & low notes, choir background, incredible voice control, and long drawn out notes. 'Move You' balances out the upbeat 'Love So Soft' showing her incredible vocal and musical versatility.

What makes Kelly Clarkson even better? She purposefully lost millions in royalties to get away from producer Dr. Luke, in support of Kesha and other stars who have accused the producer of sexual assault.

Go pre-order her up-coming album on iTunes and buy & stream her latest singles! She is here to stay!


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