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Interview With Moody Bank$: The Sound of Modern R&B

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Moody Bank$ shares influences behind her modern R&B sound, as well as exclusive on her new EP, Full Blunts & Full Moons, and what's to come.

Moody Bank$ is a new face in R&B, but will soon be recognizable across the globe. Originally from Southern California, the soulful songstress is now living in the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas, where she just released her debut EP, Full Blunts & Full Moons. The EP's lead single, "Saturday," expresses the hardships in life and the difficulty of consistently trying to better oneself - something we can all relate to.

As she brings a much-needed fresh sound to R&B, Moody Bank$ chatted with us about her sound, musical influences, EP, and what's coming!


How did you come up with the name Moody Bank$? We love it!

"I came up with the name Moody Bank$ because people would always tell me that I am a very “moody” person, and I felt that they would try to use it in a derogatory way. So I decided to take that and bring power to it because I am moody that’s for sure, but I am this way because I am very in tune with my intuition, thoughts, and emotions.

I am an empathic person, and I never wake up feeling the same energy as the day before. Every day I am a new, ever-evolving version of myself, and how I felt yesterday may not be how I feel today. I enjoy growing and learning more about myself through my feelings. It may be confusing to some people, but I believe in being fluid throughout this life and practicing non-attachment not only when it comes to physical material things, but emotions as well. So one day I may wake up feeling colorful and light - while the next day I may be feeling more introspective and deeper, which is why my music is so diverse within its sounds.

Being “moody” is what makes me the unique creator that I am and I choose to embrace it in its fullness. “Bank$” represents richness in soul. It’s a reminder to myself that I have everything I need. No matter what I’ll forever be rich in spirit, and it’s a double entendre for an outsider looking in because they may see “Bank$” and think it’s about riches or money - but in actuality, it’s the opposite meaning."

We love that! Speaking of your music, our favorite song of yours has to be “Saturday.” It has such potential for mainstream success. Did you write it? If so, what's your message behind the soulful song?

"Yes! I wrote the song “Saturday”, it’s one of my favorites too. “Saturday” is very personal to me because it’s basically the story of my life. I try so hard to get my life together, but why is it so hard? Why can’t I do better? Why am I always holding myself back? When will I stop being my own worst enemy? I am asking myself these questions while explaining my daily struggles in the hook, “I be trying on a Monday, I lose it on a Tuesday, smoke out on a Wednesday, I’m thirsty on a Thursday, say f*** it on Friday, and sleep in on Sunday...Back to trying on a Monday”.

It’s an everyday struggle to be the best version of myself. Oftentimes people see spiritual awakening as a happy, magical, and amazing time, but in reality, it’s hard. It’s hard to acknowledge and fight your own demons, it takes work. Not only am I addressing the internal conflicts of my own traumas, but also the universal problems of racism, and a day in the life of being a minority in America.

“I’m wading in the water, they hate us for our fathers” is a line from the bridge “Saturday”. It is hard trying to be the best version of yourself when you have so many things weighing you down that you have no control over. Like how the world perceives you and the micro-aggressions that we all have to deal with as not only a minority but also a woman. It gets hard to keep fighting sometimes, But, the moral of the song is that no matter how hard life gets at times, I will always keep trying and striving towards enlightenment."

That resonates with SO many listeners. Your music releases emotion and really connects with the listener. What makes your music do just that?

"My music connects with listeners because I am writing on a very personal level. Everything that I write about is true. I only write from my own perspective and experiences. I don’t try to write what I think people want to hear. I write what I feel, and I think that is the reason listeners connect with my music because they can hear and feel the realness within my music. I never try to “create a story” I am the story."

You just released your debut EP Full Blunts & Full Moons. What is it like to have your first project out there for the world to hear?

"Having my first project go-live is such an amazing yet scary feeling at the same time. It feels amazing because I transitioned from a person who “wants to make music” to someone who “makes music.” And I don’t think people understand how hard that is to do. It feels amazing living in my purpose and being successful as someone who makes music because this is what I’ve always wanted to do. It is scary because I’m basically letting all of my true feelings and raw emotions show. I’m showing people a side of me that not a lot of people get to see, but it’s a beautiful feeling being able to share something so personal with the world. I'm thankful every day that I get to be here on earth creating music that has the power to resonate with other spirits on a deeper level. I love feeling connectedness to people around the world."

We know the pandemic put almost everything on hold... What did you do during that time to continue to enhance your music career?

"For me, I think the pandemic really helped my music and writing because I didn’t have anything else to do. Before the pandemic, I can honestly say that I was distracted from the outside world, friends, events, etc. But when the pandemic hit, I was able to put so much focus into the music that everything else kind of disappeared and my music took its place in the world. I am forever thankful for having those months alone because it really propelled me into who I now am, and who I am growing to be."

Who is your biggest influence in music right now, and what song(s) do you have on repeat?

"My biggest influences in music right now are Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Kendrick Lamar, and Frank Ocean. I know that these artists haven’t released any new music lately, but thats the exactly the reason I admire them and look up to them so much. Their music is truly timeless. All of these artists make it a point to hide knowledge within their music, and to me, that's what makes music “art”. Being able to discuss serious topics or emotions and bringing them to light in such a nonchalant way. Every time I listen to their music I hear something new as if I heard the song for the first time. I love them for their writing abilities and being able to connect with so many people. Some day I hope to become as prolific as they are. They each have a ridiculous amount of high-quality output!"

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or new music?

"I would love to! I’m so excited for these new projects that I’ve been working on and getting them out ASAP! I have some really amazing singles and visuals coming soon, as well as another album later on this year! I’m so excited to share my growth with you all as not only an artist but also as a person. I am planning on dropping some singles and music videos by the end of February so keep an eye out for those! It was such a pleasure being able to answer these questions for you, and looking forward to catching up again soon.

Thank you for helping me get my story out, and I hope that my music finds you all well! Peace & Love."

You read it here first: Moody Bank$ will be the next big R&B star! Keep up with the soulful singer on Instagram here, and follow KB Pop Culture on all social media to get the latest in celebrity news and interviews.


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