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Exclusive Interview with Tony Liam: Photographer, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Tony Liam is a prominent commercial, travel, and influencer photographer located in the Dallas, Texas area. He has worked with major brands and magazines to include Del Monte, Lights All Night, Getaway House, Hilton Hotels and many more. In addition, Liam has worked with countless people, from professional models signed to modeling agencies to everyday people who want professional photos to capture a special event or a special time in their lives. Recently, Tony Liam has been more involved in shooting male influencers and models while also running his own business and investment portfolio.

Check out my interview with the seasoned photographer and entreprenuer below.


You’ve been a professional and commercial photographer working with some elite brands, magazines, and male models. How did you get your start in photography? "Photography started as a hobby; just something to do in my free time while also helping aspiring talent. I used to do travel photography but switched over to photographing people when COVID started. By working consistently, and with the intention of helping others, I've made connections that have grown to be very beneficial and influential."

That's great you were able to pivot like that. What is your favorite part about photographing people?

"My favorite part is everyone is different and to see their growth from one photoshoot to the next is incredible."

You have connections to hundreds of influencers and male models on social media, and are something of an influencer yourself, amassing over 100,000 followers across your platforms. Given your status and connections, you recently started House of Liam – a pop-up version of a content house. What inspired you to start this?

"The creation of House of Liam is geared towards helping influencers and micro influencers in building their platforms and connecting them with potential fans. I started this as another way to help build someone up and gain them fans in a short period. I think the photography helps but those wanting to start out need a stable base."

Exciting! Who are your favorite people you have photographed?

"I can't pick a favorite person because everyone is so different and every photoshoot is so much fun."

That's fair. Well, you travel all over the US and the rest of the world for your work. What’s your favorite place you traveled to and why?

"Thailand and Bali are my absolute favorite travel destinations because the people there are kind, the sights are out of this world, and your money goes a long way."

Jeffrey Zhang | Photographer: Tony Liam

So what advice do you have for aspiring photographers or models trying to get in the industry?

"Never do something you don't want to just because someone tells you they can connect you to someone else if you do. Run away if this happens."

Good advice! Speaking of running away, how do you support your travels and doing free photoshoots for aspiring talent?

"I own a business which invests in small companies. This allows me to use that money towards my hobbies of travel and photography."

Interesting. What companies and stocks do you currently own or invest in?

"I currently only own Google and MRNA that I inherited. My grandfather had the vision to invest in Google when it first started and that investment has paid off tremendously. In 2018, MRNA IPO'd and we were fortunate enough to invest a large sum of money into it. My investments into small companies are covered by non disclosure agreements."

For our readers, everyone knows Google, but what is MRNA?

"MRNA is also known as Moderna, one of the companies who developed a COVID vaccine."

How much stock of MRNA do you have and should we buy it?

"I'm not a financial adviser so I can't give you any tips nor am I a stock guru. My grandfather purchased 10,000 shares and I purchased 5,000 shares, each of them around $23 a share. His shares were given to me and I now own a little over 15,000 shares and do not plan to sell anytime soon."

I wouldn't either! So finally, do you consider yourself a photographer, an investor, or an entrepreneur?

"I just consider myself lucky to get to wear many hats."


Keep up with Tony's travels and business on his Instagram and website.

Instagram: @yoimtony



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