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Exclusive Interview With Teen Actress Makenzie Moss

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

At just the age of 14, Makenzie Moss has racked up quite the resume. Moss grew up in front of the camera, but recently gained a new level of stardom with a featured role in the hit CBS show, "The Unicorn."

In the TV sitcom, Moss plays Natalie, who along with her sister, help their father (played by Walter Goggins) navigate life after the loss of their mother. When his friends persuade him to start dating again, he discovers to his shock that he’s kind of a hot commodity — if only he knew what the heck he was doing.

We had a chance to catch up with the teen star recently and discuss her current and future roles as well as her dreams! Check out the interview below.


You have racked up quite a list of acting roles even though you’re so young. Can

you tell us what your favorite job has been so far?

I love each and every one of my roles, and I love them for

different reasons. A very memorable experience was when I worked on the film "Steve Jobs". That was my first big movie and everyone was so incredibly kind. It was so exciting because we shot the film in San Francisco and I had never been there before. Such an amazing city and my family and I had the greatest time. The film itself was so unique to work on because the preparation was very different from anything I have ever experienced. We had a six week rehearsal before we started filming so everyone was ready and knew exactly what to do when shooting. I also made great friends with the cast. I had a lot of fun with Ripley Sobo, who played the older version of my character. I have nothing but great memories from that experience.

We love that! Your jobs have ranged from comedy to more serious roles, which type of role do you prefer? I really enjoy doing both but I think that a serious role has a bit more emotional heaviness to it and that is what I love doing. I think that since I'm filming a comedy TV series I'm getting better at comedy which includes my comedic timing but with a heavier, more serious role I get to add more layers to the character. I like to balance the seriousness of the drama with the comedy so after finishing a dramatic role, it is always great to do a lighter and more comedic character after. You have acted in both feature films and hit television shows. What do you like about each? I absolutely love working on both television and film. The thing I love about television is that the cast and crew is like a family. I see them everyday from August to January and we become so close. The vibe of a TV set is more casual, I would say. It is because we are so close it's more like working with family friends. Film allows me to play a character for a month or two and then I would move on to the next film where I can play a character completely different which can be so much fun. Speaking of TV, "The Unicorn" is your latest project, which just premiered its second season on CBS. What can fans expect to see each week this season from your character Natalie? I love playing Natalie. She keeps it real and has no problem saying what is on her mind in a very comedic way. Natalie arcs as she really opens up and shows more of her true colors. Her emotions get more raw and we really see a different side of her. I think overall fans can expect to see more unfiltered comedy along with some emotional moments that have built up from her mom not being with her as she's entering her teen years. You are one of the most sought after young actresses in Hollywood! What do you hope to do next?

That's so nice and not sure about that but I just love working and would appreciate the opportunity. If I had to choose I would love to do a film over the summer… I don’t really care what genre, just something with a cool story where I can play a fun or interesting character.

makenzie moss

You are starring in Let Us In with Mackenzie Ziegler, Sadie Stanley, Siena Agudong and Tobin Bell, out in late 2020. What was it like to work with other famous teens in Hollywood? I had so much fun filming "Let Us In"! That was the first time I was in a movie with kids my age. Literally, on all my other films I worked either with adults or dogs, so this was a great change. I bonded with all of the girls and we all became friends. It was so much fun hanging out on set with them, It was like being with my friends at home. I loved it and hope to work with them all again soon! That's great! Do you have any other actresses or celebrities you look up to? I have so many people who inspire me, but my top 5 favorite female actresses are definitely Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep, Margot Robbie, Emma Watson, and Saorsie Ronan. They are such great actresses and such incredible empowered women in general.

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