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Exclusive Interview With Social Media Star Grant Marshall

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Social media stars are the new celebrities, and we had the chance to chat exclusively with vlogger, influencer, and content creator Grant Marshall to learn what he's up to, his journey so far, and where he's going.

grant marshall
Photo Credit: Instagram (@GrantMarshall) / Aaron Idelson

With millions of followers across social media, Grant Marshall is a part of the new wave of TikTok and social media celebrities. At just 18 years old, Marshall has 386K followers on Instagram, 2.1M followers and 61.5M likes on TikTok, and 28.5K subscribers on YouTube. He's collaborated with artists, companies, media outlets and other big social media stars such as J-14 Magazine, Jaden Hossler, Ansley Minor, and his ex girlfriend Ellie Vandeel.

We got the chance to chat with the rising star on his journey to social media fame, his inspirations, and what's next for him. Read the exclusive interview below.

You have so many fans -- millions! -- across all your platforms and they seem to be growing quickly! What has it been like so far on this journey to social media stardom? "It has been very interesting to say the least, I was not expecting all the awesome things that came long with growing on social media platforms, such as traveling for instance to new places which I really enjoy doing. It has been eye opening for sure!"

Grant Marshall
Photo Credit: Instagram (@GrantMarshall) / Aaron Idelson

Throwing it back, what was your first TikTok post, and what gave you the idea? What made you want to start?

"My first tiktok post was a lip-syncing video and was made as a joke and I had went on the app the next day and saw that it had thousands of views, I thought it was pretty cool so I kept making similar videos and it just grew from there!" You have incredible content on all of your social media, especially TikTok where you're gaining so many followers and likes so fast. How do you come up with the content ideas? Do you ever feel ‘blank’ or pressure to keep posting great content all the time?

"My videos usually don’t take as much creativity as others although there are some days where I do post abnormal content to usual which is fun but rarely do I feel pressure, I just enjoy making people smile and laugh."

The ‘Vine’ stars are the first generation of big social media influencers who have now gone on to do incredible things: topping the billboard charts, scoring huge modeling gigs, and much more. Now TikTok stars like you, Tyler Schrage, Tony Lopez, Josh Richards, Loren Gray and more are the new wave of social media stars. What does it feel like to be in the same realm as the original social media stars like Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Liza Koshy, and others? Anyone you particularly look up to?

"It doesn’t feel like much I would say just because so much is happening at once so it can be hard to sometimes realize what could potentially come about with social media, and Jack Wright seems like a very energetic and positive person when in videos so I would say he is someone I look up to."

Was there a point in your social media career where you realized "Wow, people know me, I can make a career out of this.”? "My first song promotion where I was able to monetize off simply putting a song in the background of one of my TikToks." What’s next for you? What do you hope to accomplish in the next few years? "I would love to see where modeling brings me if I am able to get into that soon. You can always count on me traveling in the near future and being around some awesome people!"

For more, follow Grant Marshall on social media (IG: @GrantMarshalll // TikTok: @GrantMarshalll) and get a behind-the-scenes look at his quarantine life at home with J-14 on YouTube.


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