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Exclusive Interview with Content Creator & TikTok Star iKnowAyrel

Exclusive interview with TikTok star and content creator, iKnowAyrel.

Ayrel | Photo by Tim Schaeffer
Ayrel | Photo by Tim Schaeffer

iKnowAyrel is no stranger to social media stardom. Inspired by slapstick humor and pranks of early internet personalities and TV shows, Ayrel has been creating content for over a decade. Due to his energy and natural hosting and entertaining abilities, with his off-the-cuff style interview content leading to millions of followers!

Ayrel has a combined following of almost 5 million, with 3.9M on TikTok, 1M on YouTube, and almost 300K on Instagram. Best known for his hilarious loyalty check interviews and prank videos, his videos garner millions of views and he is certainly making a name for himself. We spoke with the Michigan native about getting his start in social media and where his career is headed. Read the full interview below.


Ayrel! We’re so happy to talk with you. Everyone knows and loves your ‘loyalty check’ videos, and I have to admit, they’re definitely my guilty pleasure. What gave you the idea to start doing these?

"I was trying to find my lane in social media content creation and saw immediate success after implementing loyalty tests. The formula I created allows me to showcase intense storylines from everyday drama."

Given your millions of followers, do you ever get recognized when you go to film your videos?

"Oh, every single day. It’s becoming hard to stay low-key, but I appreciate all the love."

How did you get your start on YouTube and TikTok?

"I had been trying to find success on YouTube for years but could not build a large following. It wasn’t until my friend convinced me to try TikTok that I went viral. After that, I used my TikToks to bring attention to my YouTube."

What’s your favorite video(s) to film?

"I enjoy the loyalty test videos where we call the person being tested on camera. It has made for some of my most viral moments."

Ayrel | Photo by Tim Schaeffer
Ayrel | Photo by Tim Schaeffer

What advice do you have for those looking to get started in content creation on social media?

"You have to understand it’s a long-term process. You won’t find true success overnight, so staying consistent is key."

What’s next for you? Do you hope to get into acting, hosting, modeling or anything else in the entertainment industry?

"I will host my own show one day and plan to continue moving where the wind takes me."


No doubt things are slowing down for Ayrel as he takes the internet by storm. Check out some of his most popular videos below, and follow us (@KB_PopCulture) on TikTok for more!

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