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Exclusive Interview with Actor David Banks

David Banks is a popular American actor that has been in over 200 commercials (yes, seriously!) and now moving into more of a focus on TV shows and movies.

Photo by Andy Rooney (@exactdigitalphotos)

David studied and performed at The

Groundlings in Los Angeles; its alumni include John Lovitz, Will Farrell, Chris Katan, and Lisa Kudrow. He has appeared in commercials for Coors Light, Samsung, Eastwood, Reebok, Motorola, Best Buy, Hoover, Elephant Insurance, Little Caesar’s, Comcast, Red Robin, Mitsubishi, EA Games, Ditech, Milk, and Citibank to name a few.

In 2004, David Banks made his film debut in the drama Doing Hard Time with Steven Bauer, Boris Kodjoe, Michael Kenneth Williams, and Giancarlo Esposito. Banks is also a writer and co-wrote the film CUT! in 2014, about an ex-con and an aspiring filmmaker who set out to make a film; however, when it goes too far –– someone actually dies –– the pair decide that “killing for real on film” is the way to make a truly terrifying movie. Recently, he appeared in Why Women Kill and 5th of July.

As his television and film acting career is heating up, we got to interview the comedian on his career thus far, and upcoming projects. Take a read below.

You are an acting veteran! According to your IMDb page, you started acting back in 2002. What made you want to get into acting, and how did you get your first role(s)?

I thought I knew just how competitive it was going to be, but man was I wrong. It was even rougher than I thought [LAUGHS] Weeks turned into months and months quickly became years before anything really started happening, but it gave me that much more fuel to keep going. When someone tells you "don't, you can't, or I wouldn't if I were you" That's code for keep kicking ass!

My first big film was Doing Hard Time with Steven Bauer, Giancarlo Esposito, Boris Kodjoe, and Michael Kenneth Williams. I remember my agent lying to me and telling me it was just a small indie film that probably won't go anywhere and might not pay much, but just go anyway.  In the beginning I used to get super nervous in those bigger audition rooms and freeze up.  He downplayed this one intentionally so I wouldn't really care. It ended up working in my favor. Booking it was a nice unexpected surprise.

My character was a strung out coke head so I dropped 25 pounds for the role and dove right in. I remember showing up on set and the director didn't even recognize me. That was my first taste of working with a real dedicated and driven team with a big studio behind it.

Not only have you starred in movies and TV shows, but you've starred in over 200 commercials! What does it feel like to reach such an incredible milestone in your career?

It's about damn time! [LAUGHS] No but seriously I am humbled each and every day and still get just as excited about a fun booking as I did years ago. I think as soon as I lose that excitement it's time to hang up the hat. I'm in a place of gratitude now, so each and every opportunity is a victory.

Who are your entertainment industry idols?

They usually aren't actors. I still get star struck over 80's Rock Stars. I'm a sucker for my Heavy Metal (Stryper, Iron Maiden, Y&T, Bullet Boys, Whitesnake, Judas Priest)

So many classic movies are being recreated and TV shows rebooted. What classic TV show or movie recreation/reboot would you want to be a part of if you could do any?

I would definitely want to be a part of something I grew up watching (Threes Company, Alice, The Jefferson's, Different Strokes, The Golden Girls, I dream of Jeannie, or the Fall Guy) Bring any of those back and I am in heaven!

You have been in some super popular shows and movies lately including Why Women Kill. What was it like working with such incredible casts?

It's always nice to be around people with an amazing vision who are all there to give a little of themselves and their talent. Plus free food? Hello!

Other than acting, what is your favorite hobby?

Can I say sleep, or does that make me sound lazy? Okay I will go with a solid nap.

Keep up with David Banks on social media @DynamiteDork


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