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Bronnie: Reviving Pop Punk

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Bronnie, a female-fronted pop punk band named after the lead singer, is reviving pop punk with a modern sound.

A high energy, pop punk band that draws inspiration from bands like All Time Low, Four Years Strong, and more, the trio includes the members: Bronnie (vocals), Peter Gebbie (guitar), Chris Mitchell (drums), and Danny Boland (guitar).

To date, Bronnie has release 5 EPs, and a string of singles. Impressively, ALL five EPs reached the top 3 on the UK rock charts, and charted across Europe, the US, and South Africa. Their most successful record to date, "Lost and Found" charted in the iTunes Rock charts as:

#1 in Ireland,

#2 in Poland and Belgium and

#3 in the UK and The Netherlands

as well as in Germany, France, Czech, Slovenia, Slovakia, the US and South Africa.

They show no signs of slowing down, as they released a hot new single on May 1, "Where I Want To Be" and it is very reminiscent of the old Paramore, with a modern twist. Listen here. One of our personal favorites? "Over You." It deserves to be a pop punk anthem, included in the history books with classics from Avril Lavigne, Paramore, and All Time Low.

We had a chance to chat with the band members about their sound, what's next for them, and how they're spending their time during the pandemic. Check out the interview below.

There seems to be a surge of 2000's pop-punk influenced bands hoping to bring back the sound. What makes your band's sound unique?

(Chris) Yes it’s great to see! For us we take a big influence from those first generation pop punk bands for sure but we try and put a 2020 spin on things. We’ll do that more and more with additional synths going forward and the lyrics probably define this next gen pop punk thing. Bronnie wrote “Bring me back my iPhone charger” in our song So What? for example. But the foundation of the music has all of those classic first generation sounds, one-drops, blast beats, double times etc with the drums and guitar effects that all the old school bands would have used.

We love that! Do you typically write your own music?

(Bronnie) Yes, 100%. I used to write the music and lyrics to all our songs but more recently Pete (guitars and production) has been working on songs with me, or even writing the music for me to write the vocals. We both have ideas and fusing our writing styles has been a big positive this past year or so. 

What's coming up for you in the next 6 months? What do you hope to accomplish? 

Having been constantly on the road in the U.K., Europe and US these past few years, we are very much in a writing and demo phase at the moment. We have some rescheduled shows in the Autumn but we aim to continue to lockdown and release regular singles over the next few months for sure. We actually have another new single out in early June called "R U The Same". We should announce that soon. Well I guess we just announced it through you guys!

We can't wait to hear it! How are you spending the shelter-in-place/quarantine time?

Ok lets split professional and personal. I’ve (Bronnie) been writing like mad and everyone in the band has home studios so we are making song demos so we’ve been really productive. We’ve done live-streams and played acoustic versions of songs to give something to the fans. On a personal level Netflix and Disney+ have been the cornerstone of my typical day. I’m actually running out of things to watch! I love walking and live near a little cove beach so I’ve been taking advantage of the exercise allowance in lockdown!

We have no doubt Bronnie will be up in the ranks of Twenty One Pilots, Paramore, and All Time Low in no time! They're a must-follow on Instagram: @BronnieMusic and Spotify.


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