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  • Kaitlin Popow

Artist to Watch: Three Guests

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

For the R&B/Pop duo, Three Guests, the only option was to succeed. That has been their mantra since they began their music journey. East Coast duo Jordan Rys and Noah Devore decided to take their passion for music to the industry at a young age. Using their faith as a backbone, they held nothing back and it has paid off.

After creating a strong foundation on

YouTube, Vine, and Instagram, the duo came in contact with Capitol Records and later signed a distribution deal with them in 2018. Shortly after signing, Three Guests (otherwise known as 3G) picked up their lives on the East Coast and moved to Las Vegas in hopes of being one step closer to following their dreams.

Once in Vegas they began their long-term collaboration with TUNEGO, a small managing company for independent A-list musicians. TUNEGO gave them what they needed to release their first single, "Marilyn," which has been streamed over 3 million times on all streaming platforms! Listen Here

The growing success of the duo was undeniable. After reaching millions of streams on their first single, 3G released their debut EP, "Sunset Lane." The EP not only gave listeners a preview into the up-and-coming stars aspirations and goals, but also their pasts and struggles.

Three Guests quickly became known in the music industry with a respectable 1.2 million social media followers. Fans across the globe love 3G's sound and their story. A notable aspect of their music is that they try to relate all of their songs to a deeper meaning. For example, their first single, "Marilyn," was based on the idea that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The group used the iconic Marilyn Monroe as a symbol of beauty, while suggesting blonde hair and blue eyes aren’t needed to be considered gorgeous — anyone can be someone’s Marilyn.

Three Guests continue to perform, selling out small venues, selling out venues across the country. Looking forward, they plan on creating more music while continuing to change the narrative of the music industry by creating a deeper meaning to their music. That's what makes Three Guests For more on the up and coming duo, click here!

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