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Artist to Watch: Sayonne

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Our newest singer in our Artist to Watch series is Sayonne - singer, songwriter, producer, and actress.

Born Stephanie Courtney, this stellar female artist got her start at the tender age of three, when she performed her first musical ministry in her hometown church. Full of soul, she blends sounds of r&b and pop to make dynamic music that touches you and makes you really feel something (let's be real, y'all, that's so rare these days!).

To know more about her and get the scoop on her latest music, including her newest single "2 Worlds," we interviewed the soulful songstress. Check out her full interview below.

You have a great following for just recently starting out as an independent artist. How does it feel to have so many followers and fans anxiously awaiting your next post, song, or even selfie?

It feels great to have people in tune with my work as an independent artist. I draw inspiration from many places to create my music and just having the support of my followers helps me to keep going strong. I take everything into consideration. I listen to my fans and followers and genuinely care about their opinions. It's personal, and that's the beauty about being an independent artist. You're more accessible to your community of followers!

You have an incredible voice. Who are your musical inspirations?

Thank you! I have many musical inspirations. I grew up listening to every genre, and I think my sound (vocal) comes from a mixture of genres. Genres like R&B, Hip-Hop, gospel, pop, contemporary, Jazz and musical theatre/showtunes. I use to listen to the likeness of Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Brandy and Brian McKnight growing up. These days I draw inspiration from artists like Beyonce, because she has the entire performer package. I strive to be as great of a performer and singer like Beyonce. Other musical inspirations include Taylor Swift, Normani, Camila Cabello, Sam Smith, Adele, Khalid, Bruno Mars and many others!

What is your long-term goal?

My long-term goal is to become more than just a great singer-songwriter and performer. I would like to use my music as a means of outreach to spread awareness about causes and charities that I believe in; causes like anti-bullying, especially because I am a survivor of bullying. I used music and writing poetry as an outlet to express myself during those low times. I even listened to my favorite artists to uplift me during my times of sadness and I would love to do the same for someone else in need!

Do you write and/or produce your own music?

I do write and produce the majority of my music because I love working from the ground up and whenever i have an idea I quickly go into my home studio and lay it down. I also love working new producers and other singer-songwriters because it helps with creating a new musical vibe, especially if I get writers block I can depend on the producer or a fellow singer-songwriter to aid with a line or two or even melodies. It took me a while to discover my sound and I am so happy to be in a place where my producers understand me and my musical ideas and the direction I want to go with my music. I love working with my new producers and co-songwriters. I finally found my musical team!

Who are some artists you would LOVE to collab with?

I would love to collaborate with Khalid, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, and Sam Smith.

Your newest EP, 2 Worlds, was just released this year! Our personal favorite is 2 Worlds (Remember) - it is such a beautiful R&B ballad. What inspired that song? What's your favorite song on the EP and why?

Yes! 2 Worlds (Remember) is one of my personal favorites too. The song was inspired by many things: love, family and friendships. Since releasing the song and performing it on occasion, I've realized that the meaning depending on my mood changes from its original inspiration. In life, as we grow older and gain more life experiences things just don't mean the same thing anymore. But back to the original inspiration. The song lyrics were derived from a relationship between two friends with different life experiences and on opposite sides of the their respective residencies, hence the title "2 Worlds (Remember)." The song is a moment of reflection and constant reminisce of what that friendship was and promises made for the future. Often times we have best friends that grow up from childhood and they make "forever promises" to be and stay as best friends, but people grow up from that pure childhood mindset and unfortunately drift apart. Even when friendships and or relationships fall apart we still should cherish the memories and remember that all the happy times that was shared. That's the core foundation of "2 Worlds (Remember)" and that is what it's all about!

What is in store for you in 2020? Live Shows? New Music? Album? 

Can you give us any exclusive info? There is a lot in store for Sayonne 2020! New music is on it's way very soon. I have been writing and recording new material and I will be releasing new music before the summer is up. I will be performing some live shows and promoting my new music. I also have been in production creating new visuals so there is a lot in store and I can't wait to share it with you all. Please stay tuned and keep up with my artistry via my website ( Get close and personal by following me on Instagram (@iamsayonne), On and of course on youtube @IAMSAYONNE! An exclusive: You already heard my EP and now you just may be in treat for a Sayonne album this year, 2020!!

We here at KB Pop Culture cannot wait for new music from Sayonne! Check her out on Spotify here and be sure to follow us on social media (@KBPopCulture) for more of our artist to watch series and the pop culture news you want to hear about!


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