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Artist to Watch: bby ivy

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

bby ivy is our newest Artist to Watch! Her latest single "Rewind" was released today, Friday, Jan. 31st and we already have it on repeat.

bby ivy

The 19-year-old Urban Pop singer and songwriter is an up & coming staple in pop music. With 380,000 Instagram followers, it's clear she has a huge (and fast-growing) fan base to take her to the top. She just debuted in 2020 with a hot single, "Sweet Like Honey." and has now released a follow-up single, "Rewind."

But where did she get her start?

"I guess there was a part of me already as a young kid that felt so strongly about putting the music I had in me out to the world, and entertaining people with music the same way my dad, uncle & grandpa always did," bby ivy said of her musical family. Her family is her biggest inspiration when it comes to songwriting. She grew up around it and wants to continue it for years to come.

With inspirations like Michael Jackson, Queen, and The Beatles, it's no wonder her music is a blend of multiple genres with Beyonce and Rihanna likeness.

She is surely entertaining people with music! Despite only releasing one (now two) singles, she has toured all over Europe, throughout the continent. In combination with her physical tour, she has quite a fandom with her thousands of Spotify listeners.

bby ivy

Her debut single “Sweet Like Honey” is about the many struggles young women face in the music industry starting out. Having personally dealt with those struggles, “Sweet Like Honey” is her way of clapping back at these men and putting them in their place. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand-up for what she believes in, and hopes to inspire other women to do the same!

Her second single "Rewind” has an R&B vibe to it and is about realizing a friendship is toxic.

“I wanted to create a song to vibe to which leaves you feeling no guilt if you choose to leave these people in the past, even if it's a friend you've had for life or a relative," she explained.

I think we can all relate to that! Be sure to follow bby ivy on Instagram (@ivy) and check out her new singles on Spotify. Trust us, you'll want to be able to say you knew bby ivy before the rest of the world. Stream here!

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