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  • Kaitlin Popow

Artist to Watch: Apollo Mighty

Apollo Mighty is a young but bright R&B/ Soul artist in Chicago, IL.

Growing up in Tennessee, better known as the music capital of the Nation, Apollo Mighty found his passion at an early age. Within the past 2 years his music career has exploded, performing throughout Chicago. Piggy-backing on his recently found success, Apollo is set to release his much anticipated EP, Behavior on September 25th. Not only will he be releasing his EP, but he is slated to host an InstagramTV Live Series titled #2020Behavior featuring some of his "favorite people" in the industry. The live series will be featuring his EP and a discussion on what 2020 has done to the world's hearts and minds. We had a chance to chat with the artist prior to his upcoming release.

It seems as though you have had a passion for music from a young age. What made you decide to pursue that passion as a career?

It was the only thing that I could do day after day that I didn't get sick of. Creating and singing are life giving and they activate a part of my spirit that I can't quite explain. The decision to sing was easy deciding to put myself through the hard work of being in this business was another. Ultimately I liked the idea of being my own boss and doing what I love so I went this way.

Following that, have you always known it was music? Or have you questioned your passion? We have found artists struggle but it seems as though you knew from an early age that music was your calling.

Creating and singing have always been my passion but i definitely considered other career fields. I'm also very passionate about the healing arts in relation to mental and physical health so I thought about pursuing psychology or some form of bodywork like massage or physical therapy. I did a little bit of that for awhile but the path always led back to making  music and writing. I guess to be honest writing and talking are my first loves, whether I'm putting music to it or not.

Who is your inspiration in the music industry?

I have a few but for some reason when I read this question I instantly thought of Rihanna. Not only does she create dope art that's versatile, she is extremely unapologetic while maintaining mystique and staying lowkey. She's a humanitarian for the sake of being one and not because it's cool. You also can't try her. She knows who she is and that's rare in this world for normal people let alone someone so visible. But yeah, I like Frank Ocean too. Anyone I see doing the work on themselves and their communities and staying out the way I can f--- with.

How has the pandemic changed or halted your music career? Has it changed your view of success?

I've definitely reevaluated what I find important over the last few months. I kind of reached a point where as long as I have the money and resources to take care of myself and the people I love, that's enough. I  want to affect change but only as much as it  helps all of  us. I want to be with people that challenge and encourage my growth. I've done a lot of recording  in quarantine but most importantly I've grown a lot and that's just  as important . Also, I had to realize that there are so many people that believe in me and I'm truly grateful for that.

Looking into the future, what is your next goal? You already have thousands of listeners and seem to have found a level of success that most never see.

When we get off quarantine I wanna go on a major tour with an artist I respect. I would love to make some new music with those artists as well. I'm gonna make some short films and really get into building a community of people that want to heal and help heal others. That's the next phase of Apollo Mighty, growth and healing.

Any exclusive future plans or music you can tell us about?

Yes, Behavior comes out September 25, 2020. I shot a video for it with my partner and some friends so I'm really excited for that. I have new music recorded as well for next year too. But I'll keep that to myself for a while.

Listen to more of Apollo Mighty's music here!

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