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  • Brandon West

The Best Black Friday Deals 2019: A to Z (E! News)

Everyone loves the holiday season! It's full of food, friends, family, and of course, shopping! Here's a list of some of the best Black Friday deals this year to help you score the perfect gift for your family member (or yourself... #treatyoself).

black friday deals 2019

Save 30% on EVERYTHING! Yes, even their beloved candles. (11/29 - 12/1)

The electronics store chain with have steep deals on apple watches, cameras, wireless headphones, and of course, TVs!

This athleisure (or athletic if you're feelin' good) brand will have 50% OFF leggings, tights, pants, outerwear and more. Nope, not kidding!

Take 25% off shoes, 40% off beauty, and oh so much more this Black Friday!

Ok, let's be real, you scrolled straight down without reading anything until you got to Target. Truth is, there's so many deals and doorbuster specials, we can't even list them all! Check out their black friday ad here:

For more insane Black Friday deals, check out the full article from E! News.

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