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  • Brandon West

Meet Charlie Puth's Brother: Stephen Puth

Just when you think there isn't anything else to love about Charlie Puth, you find outhe has a music-making brother too! It seems this family is full of powerful musical genes.

stephen and charlie puth

Stephen Puth, Charlie's brother, is bursting onto the music scene after releasing a string of singles in the past year. Signed with Arista Records, he may look just like his famous brother, but his sound is uniquely his own!

His singles include: "Half Gone," "Look Away," and "Sexual Vibe." In typical Puth fashion, each also has an acoustic version.

It's hard to believe given his incredible voice and pop-star potential, but he wasn't even originally planning on performing his own music! He began as a songwriter for-hire, and says the chance of him singing pop music himself "just found him."

Here's to a long career for the Puth brothers! Check Stephen out on Spotify.

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