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  • Sarah Wang

Ariana Grande's "Sweetener" Tour: A Review

Ariana Grande Sweetener Tour

Whether or not you enjoy Ariana Grande’s music, you can’t deny that she has:

1. Evolved as an artist

2. Serious vocals

Creating an amazing amount of music in a minutiae of time, her albums Sweetener and Thank u next are a testament to her dedication, exploration, and transformation of her craft and ever-evolving expression of self and audience. Once catering to young teens through her role as Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon show “Victorious,” Ariana has successfully nurtured her connection and grown alongside her fans. Truly, the lyrics, tone, and subjects of her more recent albums reveal a vulnerable and very relatable side of translating pain into growth and finding life lessons in relationships and love.

But of course, saying all this does not compare to experiencing her Sweetener Tour live in D.C. From the moment I walked into the stadium, I could feel the vivacious energy. There were a range of fans from young pre-teens to middle aged people and entire families, creating a wholesome, unified atmosphere. Everyone was dressed to express as they pleased, contributing to creating a safe space and sense of community. Thought and intention went into all aspects of the grandiose production - voting booths to encourage participation and required clear bags and fanny packs for all concertgoers.

Ariana Grande Sweetener Tour

Her live performance does not simply match the studio version; she far exceeds it with her added flourishes and stylistic runs. Add the incredible production performance of her inclusive and skilled performers, stage graphics, glamorous costuming, and dancing truly created an unforgettable experience. Needless to say, many if not all were captivated by the artistically celestial and space- themed atmosphere. But above all, her commitment to connecting with her audience and sharing herself in the emotional journey of her songs made it a valued experience I will always treasure.

The extra added value? Glad you asked. As if being able to be in close proximity to Ariana’s presence wasn’t enough, getting to experience the awe-inspiring talent of Normani, as her opening act, was unbelievable. From her iconic drop-splits to her smooth vocals and fierce performers and musicians, I can say that I am so thrilled to have witnessed the beginning of Normani’s solo career ascension.

I can’t wait to look forward to more music and talent from both artists. Thank u and until the next concert!

Ariana Grande Sweetener Tour

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