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Summer 2019 Guilty Pleasures!

Summer is a time to live it up and enjoy life! Everyone has their guilty pleasures, things they love and may indulge in a bit more during the summer-time, so we're sharing our guilty pleasures for summer 2019.


1. Big Brother

big brother 21

Although the cast is full of the basic reality archetypes we all know and love-to-hate, it's impossible to not be wrapped up in the drama and competitions of this nail-biting reality show! Airing on CBS three nights a week all summer, there's plenty of content to binge on those summer days when it's just too damn hot to go outside! Who's your favorite contestant this season?

2. Dance Moms

dance moms season 8

Tears, triumphs, and of course, dance mom drama! After Abby Lee Miller's jail sentence and her heart-breaking health issues, she is back with a vengeance for victory with season 8 of the ever-popular drama reality series you hate to be obsessed with. We'll never understand why we're so attached to watching moms argue about dance routines, but hey, as long as we're happy!


1. Lo-Fi Soul by Haley Reinhart

One of the best and most underrated albums released this year, it's the perfect moody summer album. Singer-songwriter Haley Reinhart is set to release a new single from the album, "Deep Water" to radio on July 29. Standout tracks: Deep Water, Some Way Some How, Lo-Fi Soul, Honey There's the Door. She also released a dance track with Vicetone, "Something Strange" that is perfect for your summer playlist.

2. Señorita by Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello

This song is undoubtedly infectious! The newest duet between the two best friends (and maybe new couple?) is great for your pool playlist and we predict it'll top the charts very soon.

Beauty & Wellness Products

1. MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

This product is a miracle for your summer dry skin! It feels so refreshing and it won't clog your pores or make your skin oily. You can use it with or without your normal moisturizer. Bonus: you can also use it to add hydration to your dry hair throughout the day!

2. Bed Head Beach Me Wave Mist

An absolute must for days at the beach! This spray is unlike other curling sprays that leave your hair feeling hard and junky. Simply spray on wet beach hair or after a shower and scrunch on and off while it dries! Buy it at Ulta

bed head


1. Watermelon

No summer is complete without snacking on watermelon! Light and refreshing on a hot summer day.


2. Seafood

Is it really summer if you don't find yourself cracking lobster at some point? Whether its on the beach or in the comfort of your own home, seafood in the summer is a must!

Travel Destinations

1. Austin, TX

The live-music capital of the world is the perfect stop for your summer trip with friends! Music, bars, natural springs, incredible restaurants, a lake and river, and oh so much more - you'll never get bored here! Keep Austin Weird!

2. Old Orchard Beach, Maine

If you're someone who loves the ocean but hates the "touristy" spots, Old Orchard Beach is the perfect summer destination. With over 15 miles of sandy beach, there is plenty of space to spread out from fellow vacationers. However, when you feel like busting down on the dance-floor, there is an awesome boardwalk just steps away.

What's your guilty pleasure(s) this summer? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram (@kbpopculture)!

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