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  • Brandon West

Camila Cabello Spills The Details On Her 2nd Album

In an interview at the Cannes Lions Festival this week, Camila Cabello revealed some juicy details about her highly-anticipated sophomore album!

camila cabello cannes

"I'm itching to just get back out there," she admitted. "I feel like I'm pretty much done with this album and the great thing about being able to have a career in the arts is that you grow along with your craft and it teaches you so much about yourself."

If you thought her debut album was raw, especially the tracks "Real Friends" and "Consequences," Camila fans are in a for a treat with this album, as her real stories are told through the lyrics.

"With this album, it's not really my imagination, it's me writing about real things that are happening in real time," she explained.

"I think that there is a level of detail and emotion that you get. I'm so excited because I feel like it's captured my essence. ...I'm ready to bare my soul."

camila new music

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