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Coachella Fashion History

Coachella is the famed music festival held in Indio, California that began in 1999, and this year, we're celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Almost as famous as the musical acts are the boho, hippy, perfect-for-instagram outfits. Cut-offs, bohemian crop-tops and vintage t-shirts galore. Retailers like H&M and Forever 21 are taking note of this "festival style" by offering seasonal collections just for these festival occasions.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the desert festival, let's take a look back at Coachella outfits through the years....


Back in 2001, Coachella didn't quite have the staple boho fashion it has now. Festival goers opted for a more relaxed style with early 2000's wrap-around sunglasses and brightly-colored jersey dresses, like singer Nikka Costa.

Nikka Costa Coachella


One year later brings butterfly wings, glitter, and LOTS of pink! The 2002 attendees probably wish these pictures didn't exist...


Fast-forward to 2004, and it looks like we made a wrong turn and ended up at the Kentucky Derby. Wide-brimmed hats were the accessory of this year!

Perry and Etty Farrell Coachella


This is the year people started to dress down in that "IDGAF but I'm actually trying really hard" style. This relaxed but fashionable look from Nicole Richie is SO 2005.


Back in 2007, Paris Hilton determined the fashion trends. Patterned summer dresses with the style at the 2007 festival, as shown by the hotel heiress.

paris hilton coachella


Beyonce led the trend this year with lots of statement belts, off-the-shoulder T's and jean shorts.

beyonce coachella

2012 Two years later was when the fashion world began to unwind into the Coachella scene. While the music festival has always had a vintage hippy influence, back in 2012 it was all about a chic Cali-girl style, as shown below by Lauren Conrad and Leah Michele.


2015 featured the debut of the more up-scale outfits, featuring lots of skirts and excessive jewelry. Stars like Kendall Jenner stole the scene rocking these comfortable yet fashionable looks.


The queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens, proved in 2018 that boho chic is still in.

What will the 2019 Coachella style be? Follow our Instagram story, @KBPopCulture for all our favorite 2019 Coachella looks!

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