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  • Isaiah Joshua Lawrence

Is Ariana Grande Collaborating with Starbucks?

On Monday when Starbucks appeared to be using cryptic messages relating to the “Thank U, Next” singer, Ariana Grande. Starbucks tweeted messages about finding out your “cloud name” along with a picture of a cloud and messages like “Thank you, next,” and “Tomorrow you’ll be smiling real smiles.” Also, Starbucks posted a video on Instagram potential collab featuring sugar in a cloud shape.

Fans have their hopes up for the possible collaboration with Ariana Grande after Grande posted a picture via Instagram, which read “...@Starbucks 3/5” with a background of clouds in the sky. Fans are excited, but confused at the same time for what to expect on March 5th. Get your seats ready at Starbucks for the big news with Ariana Grande!

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