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  • Isaiah Joshua Lawrence

Gwen Stefani: Part Time Country Girl

Gwen Stefani admits some things she loves about her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, 42, that might surprise you! When you’re a celebrity, most of your personal life becomes public. The 49-year-old singer admitted that she "can't say no" to Blake (who is a coach on the NBC show, The Voice). According to Gwen, ever since they started dating in November of 2015, she said his southern ways rubbed off on her.

"You would never guess that I love to go to Oklahoma and hang out in the country. I would have never guessed it. I think people think, 'Oh, she’s a rock girl or whatever,'" Gwen said. "I love that normal cozy family thing.”

It’s official. Like it or not, the California pop/rock girl is now a part-time country girl.

They’ve shared romantic selfies together in the country over the years and supported one another in their respective careers. The televised duo seems perfect for one another!

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