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  • Brandon West

Royal Wedding Rumors You NEED to Know!

Here are some rumors you NEED to know for tomorrow surrounding the royal wedding between Meghan Markle & Prince Harry!

1. Meghan Markle's father may not actually be in the hospital.

Most people have heard by now that the actress' father had some heart problems, and was thought to be having heart surgery. Interesting timing considering his supposed dislike of the royal wedding and all of the attention he has gotten from it. Reports also say that he staged and sold pictures to paparazzi.

(Photo: TMZ)

There are many conflicting reports such as: he had heart surgery and is recovering so he can't make it, he rejected heart surgery, and even that he is not even in the hospital and using that as an excuse to not attend the royal wedding. Yikes! So what's the truth? No one really knows...

But hey, that's what makes Meghan so likable, she has family issues just like us!

2. The Queen gave Meghan an ultimatum.

(Photo: Vanity Fair)

It is no secret that many people believe the Queen disapproves of Meghan Markle. The rumored reasons stem from her mixed race, her acting profession, and the fact that she has been married once before. Meghan was reportedly forced to sign a prenup or the wedding was off. Although, given the royals' immense wealth, it might be a fair request.

3. This royal wedding will be an A-list Celeb-filled event.

Although the guest list is still largely unknown, it is safe to say this rumor is true. Because Prince Harry is only 6th in line for the throne, it is not quite as high-profile as Will & Kate's wedding. Since she is an actress herself, it is very likely there will be quite a few of her A-list friends in attendance.

Who isn't coming? The Obamas. Prince Harry and former President Obama are known to have a bromance, but sadly, the former first couple will not be there for the big day.

4. The couple will follow all of the royal traditions.

An actress and a former bad-boy prince are getting married; did you really think they would follow every tradition? One they are breaking from is the traditional fruit-flavored cake. It is rumored they will have a lemon elderflower cake. Okay so this isn't a big act of rebellion, but what is? Meghan will be a toast during the reception, usually reserved for the best man, the groom, and the father of the bride. This is no surprise given her amazing public speaking abilities. And we are thrilled she will be speaking. What a great step forward for women in the royal family!

5. The Dress

Okay so no one truly knows this one, but there are SO many speculations! It was originally thought it would be Ralph & Russo who designed Kate's dress, but that has been debunked. Other rumors include Alexander McQueen and Inbal Dror. People think she will stay chic & sophisticated, per her normal style, but others think she will go big and dramatic. Some think she needs to go big and dramatic so she stands out in the large church with all of the...eclectic...hats!

Tell us what you think about these rumors & follow us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest in pop culture (@kbpopculture)!

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