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  • Brandon West

Is Khloe Ditching Tristan To Go Back To LA?

With all of the cheating scandals surrounding Khloe Kardashian and her boyfriend (and new baby daddy) Tristan Thompson, there have been rumors that Khloe will leave Tristan in Cleveland, Ohio and head back to LA to be with her family. However, US Weekly reports that the new mom is staying put in Cleveland with Tristan and their new baby girl, True Thompson.

Kourtney, Kim, and Kendall were all spotted back in LA on Tuesday after visiting their new niece in Ohio. Mom-ager Kris Jenner was also there (of course!). An inside source told US Weekly that Khloe isn't leaving Cleveland anytime soon because, according to the source, "it's important for Khloe that Tristan spend time with their daughter."

(Source: In Touch Weekly)

The inside source continues on to say that Kris was really pushing for Khloe to head back to her home in LA, but Khloe declined the offer because Tristan is in playoff season. Because of this, he wouldn't be able to see baby True much until his season is over.

People reports that Thompson is getting less playing time during playoffs amid evidence that he cheated on his girlfriend while she was pregnant. He remained on the bench throughout the whole first game of the playoffs against the Indiana Pacers. In the game before that, he only played for about two minutes. According to People, he averaged about 30 minutes during the regular season. During his April 11 game, he actually got booed when entering the stadium; this was just after the scandal broke out.

Maybe it's best for him to sit on the bench since his head might not be in the game....? As Zac Efron always said, gotta getcha' head in the game!

One thing is for sure, it's commendable that Khloe has decided to stay and allow her cheating boyfriend to see baby True after he cheated on her while she was pregnant (even though he technically has legal rights...). She is better than us! The inside source at US Weekly mentioned that if there was no child, she would have easily kicked him to the curb.

Amid all of this craziness and drama, Tristan Thompson's father is reportedly releasing a tell-all book about all of their recent drama. Uh oh...!

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Here's wishing Khloe all the best!

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