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MTF Cosmetics: Breaking Through the Makeup Madness!

Everywhere you look there are makeup gurus trying to make a name for themselves in the world of makeup. Whether it be artists starting their own channels or artists starting their own lines, there is always a fresh face trying to make their name in the makeup industry.

We at KB Pop Culture decided to take a deeper look into the "world of makeup" and find our favorite artists trying to make a name for themselves. Within the next month we will be writing segments on our favorite young beauty gurus.

Our first pick is a Virginia native who has broken into the makeup world rather fast and has a strong desire to create a brand makeup lovers around the nation will love. Entitled, MTF Cosmetics, the website explains that the brand is, "black owned, handmade, and cruelty free." After exploring the website and seeing their products we were intrigued. We contacted the owner to learn more!

Through our interview with the extremely talented owner we learned that she created her brand because she simply loved the way she felt once she would put on her highlight each day! She has always been a huge makeup lover and decided to turn her love into a business. From her love, in June 2016 she took action. She explains that it was very stressful at first and it took her about 6 months to collect her thoughts and find a solid starting point. By March she found a formula she was happy with and started production.

Because the brand is new, every single highlighter sold at this point is hand made! Each one retails at $11 and there are 4 to choose from. We'll take one of each!

Learn more at:

twitter: @MTFCosmetics

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