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Chris and Brits - Vlogging their Way to the Top

It seems as though almost everyone in today's society is obsessed with vlogging and trying to follow after Youtube stars such as Jenna Marbles and everyone's current faves, Elijah and Christine. Vlogging takes humor, talent and time.

We here at KB Pop Culture decided to look into the world of "up-and-coming vloggers" to see who we could discover before the world did. That is when we stumbled upon Chris & Brits. Chris & Brits are two friends, who also share a on again, off again relationship, that fell into the world of vlogging. The dynamic duo decided to start a vlog as a joint hobby and hope to create a youtube name for themselves!

The duo also dabbles in covering popular songs. On their youtube channel you can find close to 20 videos, ranging from their adventures to funny moments they have shared and documented together.

We at KB Pop Culture are extremely excited to follow their journey to the top!

Follow them and Subscribe to their channel at:

Twitter: @ChrisAndBrits

Instagram: ChrisAndBrits_Official

Youtube: Chris & Brits

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