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Hot Weather Hacks: 6 Things from Amazon to Keep You Cool This Summer!

1. Hats!

You can't survive the summer heat with a fashionable floppy hat or a cool Patagonia trucker cap. These are a must have for your beach, lake, river, or pool trip!


2. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

These are a necessity! The handy sleeve on the inside allows your water to be infused with whatever fruit flavor your taste buds desire without all of the seeds and small pieces of fruit accidentally getting swallowed. Plus, it tastes better than regular water, so you will drink more of it! Cucumber-lime water anyone?


3. RTIC 20 Soft Pack Cooler

This cooler holds 20 cans plus ice & holds ice for up to five (5) days! Not to mention, it is cheaper than a Yeti cooler. This is a must for your beach week!


4. Chillow

The Chillow is a chilled pad that you slide in your pillow to help keep yourself cool at night. Perfect for those hot summer nights!


5. Decorative Fruit Bowl

This adorable wooden fruit bowl is perfect to hold your cold, refreshing fruit outside by the pool, during a cookout, etc. Perfect accent for boring outdoor furniture or a great addition to a stylish deck!


6. Cool Mist Humidifier

Perfect to use with your Chillow, this cool mist humidifier will help you cool off on those hot summer nights where the AC just isn't enough! And the best part? There are multiple color options and you can use different essential oils for fragrance.

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