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Lifestyle Tips and Tricks for the Beach Babes

With summer in full swing it is hard to not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. With summer comes the long beach days that you never forget. Below is a list of 5 tips and tricks to help you brave the summer sun and sand and enjoy the days to their fullest potential!

1. Suntan lotion that still lets you tan!

Piz Buin Tan Intensifier has an SPF of 30, giving you the perfect amount of coverage while still letting you get that golden skin we all thrive for all summer.

2. A beach blanket that deflects the sand!

The Quicksand Mat is the perfect beach blanket for the person who loves the sand but hates laying in it. The patented multi weave layers trap the sand underneath the mat ensuring a perfect day at the beach!

3. A great cooler!

Any "professional" beach goer has a Yeti cooler! These popular coolers are guaranteed to keep your drinks cool all day long.

4. A useful but chic umbrella!

As much as we all love soaking in the sun, having a good umbrella is important for when the sun gets hot. This Chic Indigo umbrella by Frontgate provides the maximum amount of shade while still being the perfect backdrop to endless Instagram worthy posts!

5. Games!

What is truly a day at the beach without a good game or two to get your entire party up and moving!

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